ZScreen Beta (English Only) Available


ZScreen Beta (English Only) is now available.

Version history since 1.1: Copy to Clipboard URL Mode is now in the Right Click tray menu Performance of Crop Shot has been increased Fixed bug in “Switch After” where Crop Shots would revert to full screen Redesigned Hotkeys tab adding support PrintScreen key and others Added support for multiple image software Support for uploading screenshots to ImageShack Added Thumbnail creation support for FTP with options to copy Thumbmail/Full Image/All URL to Clipboard Ability to import/export Settings from/to file via Advanced tab Changed from built-in settings to custom XML settings (old settings will no longer work) Ability to import/export FTP Accounts from/to file via FTP Settings tab Cache Cleaner now cleans all supported file types Cancelling during a cropshot will now turn the busy tray icon off Cancelling Prompt for File Name window resulted in an error uploading file Default JPEG Quality is now set to 90% Inputbox for manual file naming now shows above everything Fixed small error in View Remote Desktop where downloaded progress reports higher than maximum View Remote Desktop won’t give a “forcibly closed” error anymore Double clicking a file in Screenshots listBox will attempt to open the file in default browser Taking multiple screenshots during a short time period will preserve all the URLs in the clipboard Added activity logging to file for debugging purposes. Accessed via Advanced : Advanced tab System Tray icon will now flash when the screenshot upload is completed Option to manually specify screenshot file name prior to taking the screenshot Screenshots fetched in Remote Directory Viewer are cached according to settings in Advanced tab Added context menu to access License, Documentation, Version History and About information “History” tab is now called “Screenshots” Fetching files from FTP in Remote Directory Viewer is now performed in a background thread to increase GUI responsiveness Documentation file did not open if Windows was installed in a hard drive partition other than C:\ drive ZScreen startup path in Registry will not be fixed to C:\Program Files\ZScreen anymore Start with Windows registry entry was saved in HKLM instead of HKCU Added multilanguage support initially supporting Dutch and Russian

Now let’s talk about some of the changes that have been made.

Image 3

Notice anything different? You may have noticed that “ImageShack” support was added. For people without their own servers this might prove to be really helpful. There are future plans to add other HTTP services on as well.

Hotkeys can now be configured in 1/2/3-key combinations. The defaults utilize the print screen key.

Image 2

But if you wish you can still change the hotkeys to anything you like. Like so.
Image 1

Documentation and full translations for this version are not yet available, but with any luck they will be available soon. Unfortunately many feature requests were not able to be implemented yet, but we are still working hard to implement them… namely multiple monitor support.

Sadly, all previously saved settings will not be restored in this version. It was a tough decision, but we decided we needed to start fresh. The good news is that we have added in some import/export functionality so that this will not happen again. With all of that said, here are the links to download it: beta (English Only) Source
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/zscreen/ZScreenSource-1330.zip beta (English Only) Binary (with installer)

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22 Responses to “ZScreen Beta (English Only) Available”

  1. Douglas Borg Says:

    Hey Brandon Great stuff.
    You may already have this in the works, but I would like to suggest a WebDAV upload feature as one of screenshot location options.

    Thanks again,


  2. admin Says:

    Actually, you are the first to suggest that. I can start checking into WebDAV via .NET. Possibly someone has some GPL’d code out there for uploading to WebDAV.

  3. Constantinos Says:

    Amazing stuff!!!

    Better than many other paid software, as it does exactly what I need. Even the beta version seems stable enough to me.

    If you need any kind of support for Greek language contact me: [e-mail address removed]

  4. Douglas Borg Says:

    Thanks for looking in to that webdav stuff. One other suggestion: Don’t make Image shack the default location for upload. Somebody might be taking screenshots of sensitive info they don’t want published. It took me a while to realize the screens I was taking were being uploaded to ImageShack.

  5. admin Says:

    : Thank you very much by the way for your offer. Adding on a new language is always great. :D

    Borg: I’m a little bit torn on whether or not to have Imageshack default or not. I can completely see where you are coming from, but at the same time I think if it isn’t set as default it will not see as much usage from the public. I’ll think about changing it to Send To -> File instead though for default.

  6. McoreD Says:

    You have a good logic there about the sensitive data. :)

    However having ZScreen installed for the first time, gets you to the Main screen allowing you to configure options. Screenshot destination is just one of the two settings (other is Language) you have to change in the Main tab to switch between ImageShack|File|FTP|Clipboard.

    An alternative method to fix this issue would be to keep default setting from v1.1 as http://FTP. If the user presses the screenshot combinations AND the user has not added any FTP Details, then ZScreen will pop out of the tray and present the Main tab. So now the user can go through the tabs and configure settings.

  7. tekla Says:


    Once again a program that could be great is ruined by being coded this way… It’s just too heavy for anyone with old machines… It’s about 10x heavier than WinSnap (last freeware version) in idle mode! 20MB!

    Don’t get me wrong. I know you’re being extremelly generous to provide your work for free but coders should really consider more the resources usage of their apps…

    Sorry about all the ranting but it’s really hard to find good, free, light apps these days… And I’m dieing to replace WinSnap ever since it turned Shareware.

    .NET and cross-platform libraries make extremelly heavy apps…

  8. McoreD Says:

    You must be running some ancient hardware over there… ZScreen is open source/free and that’s more than what could ask for. Current Windows operating system and all the following OSes are going to have .NET Framework integrated.

  9. tekla Says:

    6/7 year old laptop… P4 2.8 512MB ATI 9000 64MB… Running XP
    More than half my RAM is always used. With AV, AS (and maybe FW) and other suff you you can see how 20 MB is too much…

    I know .NET is integrated into Vista. But you can’t say Vista is a good example of anything…

    But you’re right I was out of line and for that I apolagize.

  10. porath Says:

    two things:

    when uploading to ftp with a remote path, it doesn’t copy the full url to the clipboard. also, if you use the manual filename entry, it uses whatever you entered and appends the stuff in the filename settings to the end. for example:

    ftp url: test.org
    remote path: /img/zscreen/
    manual filename entry: test
    filename settings for full screen (default): SS-%y%mo%d%h%mi%s
    actual filename: test-20080629115806.png
    copied url: http://test.org/test-20080629115806.png

    imo in that case the filename should just be test.png. maybe you could allow people to put those arguments into the manual filename field, but adding them automatically is kind of against what a manual filename is about. obviously i can just delete the automatic filename settings to do it that way, but it’s a little counter-intuitive. also, the copied url should be http://test.org/img/zscreen/test-20080629115806.png in the case of this file. i hope this helps!

  11. porath Says:

    oh my god, i just realized the problem with remote path -_-

    i feel pretty dumb after that. but the filename thing still stands i guess :/

  12. admin Says:

    : When using “manual naming” it automatically adds “-[date/time stamp]” in the beta. The logic on that was just to make sure that each screenshot is always unique. However, I can see how you might just want “test.png” by itself. How about just a little check box on the “Input Box” where it asks you for a file name? It could say “Append time stamp” and then remember your setting.

  13. porath Says:

    sure, that would be fine. :)

    thanks for a great program btw!

  14. mzungu Says:

    Thanks for this great little app! Just wanted to give a quick heads-up for what may be a small oversight (or just a mistake on my part): does ZScreen support multiple screens?

    I’ve got a dual monitor setup (in XP) and it won’t capture anything on my secondary monitor. I even tried dragging a window from my primary (fortunately, its on the left - I don’t know if I like the top-left-to-bottom-right ONLY window-drag selection scheme - why not any direction?) to my secondary monitor, and everything that should have been on the secondary was just a blue color. The drag cursor doesn’t show up when on the secondary monitor. Just to let you know, FYI…

    Thanks again, tho for putting this together!

  15. war59312 Says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Could you please add version info to installer.

    On a new install right click system tray icon and click View Remote dir, it will “crash” with “no server has been set”. Then when closing that window it will again “crash” with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”. Cant close the window without killing. lol

    Also, when you right click icon and choose Sent Image To > FTP > New Account , nothing happens. One would expect the main window to open on the ftp settings tab so one can create that new account.

    I guess the imageshack option is not working yet? Since it just saves it to my desktop. That and I don’t see anywhere to tell it my account details. That is your login id.



  16. admin Says:


    Could you please add version info to installer.

    Sure I can do that

    On a new install right click system tray icon and click View Remote dir, it will “crash” with “no server has been set”. Then when closing that window it will again “crash” with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”. Cant close the window without killing. lol

    I’ll check into it and fix it

    Also, when you right click icon and choose Sent Image To > FTP > New Account , nothing happens. One would expect the main window to open on the ftp settings tab so one can create that new account.

    Yeah I can check to see if FTP Settings haven’t been set and pop up the FTP Settings menu. No problem.

    I guess the imageshack option is not working yet? Since it just saves it to my desktop. That and I don’t see anywhere to tell it my account details. That is your login id.

    Well the imageshack stuff right now just supports the anonymous screenshots, in the future I’ll add in the ability to use accounts with all the HTTP uploading services I plan on supporting (imageshack, flickr, photobucket). Imageshack does indeed work… here is an example: http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/1391/72918159wc8.png.

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate your feedback tremendously.

  17. doug Says:

    Adam, this is great! thanks. feature requests:
    1)multi monitor support
    2) full web page capture

  18. Bruce Says:

    Any chance of adding complete multi-monitor support?
    (Running on Windows Server 2003 for the following…have not tested on Vista)
    I can capture active windows on either monitor, or the full-screen of the primary monitor, or a cropped image from the primary - but not the entire secondary monitor screen or a cropped image that includes anything on secondary.

    But, other than that, this is a GREAT screen capture utility.


  19. torspo Says:

    SCP upload would be excellent

  20. William Says:

    “Entire Screen” hotkey used to capture both monitors in a dual-monitor WinXp setup. Now it does only capture primary monitor. Plz to be fixing this, tyty.

  21. Brett Says:

    First off, great job has the potential to be a great tool, very well implemented. Just a couple of things which are big probs for me:
    The problem with dual screens under XP as noted by others above.
    With the taskbar running vertical on the left of the screen the selection icon is offset by the width of the taskbar which makes it difficult for area selection.


  22. Tyler Says:

    Great stuff i will check into it more when im not sitting in class, and ya i love the program other than that you might want to try and add something to drag people into this to get the word around and maybe add a prox y sit.. make sure you space the word prox y in typing otherwise most people with firewalls have this blocked.. Thanks again

    King Of Drow (Xbox Live) a.k.a GeniticMayhem

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