Imageshack as default in beta v1.3.3.0

I’ve received a few comments and e-mails from people that dislike having Imageshack set as the default destination. The next version will not upload to Imageshack by default, instead it will either use the “File” option or “FTP” which will pop up a menu to set your FTP settings or optionally use “File” or “Imageshack” instead.

So for those of you that have not yet downloaded v1.3.3.0 (beta) it does indeed use Imageshack by default at the moment, but rest assured that it will be changed. If you want to change away from using Imageshack, you can do so by going to the “Main” tab and changing the Screenshot Destination to something else (File, FTP, Clipboard). Also you can change the destination by using the right click menu of the tray icon (”Send Image To”).

The reasoning behind setting the default to Imageshack was to beta test HTTP uploading.

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  1. nico cavallotto Says:


  2. luiz Says:

    Testing some screen capture freewares.

  3. Nick Says:


    Great product, thanks! Is there a way to get the ImageShack destination to be uploaded under your ImageShack login? In otherwords, I’d like to be able to delete/edit my image in ImageShack once I’ve uploaded it. The screenshot tool ImageShack provides does this, but it isn’t as nice as ZImage. If this feature doesn’t exist, could you add it?

    Thanks again!

  4. Nick Says:

    I meant ZScreen of course, not ZImage…

  5. admin Says:

    At the moment there is nothing in the software that will allow for that. I just took a look back at the Imageshack API and I now realize that it does support that using a “login” parameter where the user must specify their registration code available from

    Interesting, perhaps I might be able to implement this feature along with a few others over my winter break. For now I am just going to focus on English. I also would like to switch the default destination to something other than Imageshack.

  6. Chris Says:

    Hey Brandon, I was the one that emailed you about printing the images. I was wondering, are settings saved in the registry? Because I would love to use this in a production environment but without the ability to set some things differently for our specific users I would need something like that.

  7. admin Says:

    They aren’t saved to the registry but they are saved to an xml file.

    “Advanced - Misc - Browse Settings folder…” will take you there.

    I’ve kept it in the easiest to read xml that I possibly could.

    It is located in:

    C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\ZScreen (where user is a real username)

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