Imageshack as default in beta v1.3.3.0

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I’ve received a few comments and e-mails from people that dislike having Imageshack set as the default destination. The next version will not upload to Imageshack by default, instead it will either use the “File” option or “FTP” which will pop up a menu to set your FTP settings or optionally use “File” or “Imageshack” instead.

So for those of you that have not yet downloaded v1.3.3.0 (beta) it does indeed use Imageshack by default at the moment, but rest assured that it will be changed. If you want to change away from using Imageshack, you can do so by going to the “Main” tab and changing the Screenshot Destination to something else (File, FTP, Clipboard). Also you can change the destination by using the right click menu of the tray icon (”Send Image To”).

The reasoning behind setting the default to Imageshack was to beta test HTTP uploading.

ZScreen Beta (English Only) Available

Friday, June 13th, 2008


ZScreen Beta (English Only) is now available.

Version history since 1.1: Copy to Clipboard URL Mode is now in the Right Click tray menu Performance of Crop Shot has been increased Fixed bug in “Switch After” where Crop Shots would revert to full screen Redesigned Hotkeys tab adding support PrintScreen key and others Added support for multiple image software Support for uploading screenshots to ImageShack Added Thumbnail creation support for FTP with options to copy Thumbmail/Full Image/All URL to Clipboard Ability to import/export Settings from/to file via Advanced tab Changed from built-in settings to custom XML settings (old settings will no longer work) Ability to import/export FTP Accounts from/to file via FTP Settings tab Cache Cleaner now cleans all supported file types Cancelling during a cropshot will now turn the busy tray icon off Cancelling Prompt for File Name window resulted in an error uploading file Default JPEG Quality is now set to 90% Inputbox for manual file naming now shows above everything Fixed small error in View Remote Desktop where downloaded progress reports higher than maximum View Remote Desktop won’t give a “forcibly closed” error anymore Double clicking a file in Screenshots listBox will attempt to open the file in default browser Taking multiple screenshots during a short time period will preserve all the URLs in the clipboard Added activity logging to file for debugging purposes. Accessed via Advanced : Advanced tab System Tray icon will now flash when the screenshot upload is completed Option to manually specify screenshot file name prior to taking the screenshot Screenshots fetched in Remote Directory Viewer are cached according to settings in Advanced tab Added context menu to access License, Documentation, Version History and About information “History” tab is now called “Screenshots” Fetching files from FTP in Remote Directory Viewer is now performed in a background thread to increase GUI responsiveness Documentation file did not open if Windows was installed in a hard drive partition other than C:\ drive ZScreen startup path in Registry will not be fixed to C:\Program Files\ZScreen anymore Start with Windows registry entry was saved in HKLM instead of HKCU Added multilanguage support initially supporting Dutch and Russian

Now let’s talk about some of the changes that have been made.

Image 3

Notice anything different? You may have noticed that “ImageShack” support was added. For people without their own servers this might prove to be really helpful. There are future plans to add other HTTP services on as well.

Hotkeys can now be configured in 1/2/3-key combinations. The defaults utilize the print screen key.

Image 2

But if you wish you can still change the hotkeys to anything you like. Like so.
Image 1

Documentation and full translations for this version are not yet available, but with any luck they will be available soon. Unfortunately many feature requests were not able to be implemented yet, but we are still working hard to implement them… namely multiple monitor support.

Sadly, all previously saved settings will not be restored in this version. It was a tough decision, but we decided we needed to start fresh. The good news is that we have added in some import/export functionality so that this will not happen again. With all of that said, here are the links to download it: beta (English Only) Source
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/zscreen/ZScreenSource-1330.zip beta (English Only) Binary (with installer)