Getting Started with ZScreen

ZScreen was created to be an incredibly fast way to send screenshots to people via IRC, Instant Messages, E-mail, etc. After pressing a hotkey this program will automatically grab your screenshot and put the link in your clipboard. Then you can just paste it (control + v) to someone very quickly. Optionally you can have ZScreen run "image software" such as MS Paint or Photoshop CS2 right after the screenshot is captured.

Hot keys

Configure your hot keys to be used with this program by clicking on the "Hotkeys" tab. Once you have done this provide atleast one hot key (example control shift m) and then press the update button). Refer to Using Cropped Shot for more information on how to use the "Cropped Shot" feature.

Active Window - grabs the window that is currently up on the screen that you are using or is "active"
Cropped Shot - a different cursor appears and by drawing a rectangle you can grab that region of the screen
Entire Screen - grabs the entire screen

File Settings

Choose any directory you wish to save your images to. You can customize your screenshots to have any file name. Refer to Naming Help for information on how to insert the special variables (example %pm). You can chose from 8 different file formats including jpg, png, and bmp. Only with jpg files are you able to change the quality. The quality number represents a percentage so a value of 0-100% must be used. "Switch to" allows you to choose which file format to be switched to when the file size you specify is exceeded. "Delete locally..." will actually remove the file from your hard drive to save space when the file is either being uploaded via FTP or put into your clipboard (both are available from the right click menu).

Windows Settings

With ZScreen you have the ability to automatically run MS Paint, Photoshop CS2, or any custom executable image software after your screenshot has been captured but before it has been optionally uploaded via FTP. Just edit your image and then save and exit. If you are uploading the image via FTP the link will then be put into your clipboard.

Optional FTP configuration step

To configure your screenshots to automatically be sent to your server via FTP enter your remote host, username, password, path, and any path you would like added to the end of your http path. (example You may want to create a directory with an FTP client such as WS FTP and then set the Additional HTTP Path to keep all of the images you will be uploading out of the way.

After you have entered this information in click on Test Connection and it will display the FTP message, if successful it will automatically check Enable FTP for you. To use these FTP Settings click on Update.