• region/window/full-screen screenshots
  • automatic FTP of screenshots
  • URL copied into clipboard in a single keystroke so that a user may paste that link via irc, email, im, etc.
  • custom automatic naming conventions with variables such as %mi to retrieve the current minute (or %t to get the title of the active window for instance)
  • interfaces with image editing software such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop so that editing may be done before a screenshot is uploaded
  • history section that stores the URL to every screenshot that has been uploaded so that a person may just copy and paste multiple URLs off to someone via a chat medium
  • very silent operation, it can just be set up once and then left alone. Everything that needs to be used regularly can be accessed from the right click menu
  • simple to configure. Two hotkeys (one for active window and one for cropped shot / full screen) make it easy so that you do not need to unnecessarily open up the program window
  • region (cropped shots) can be captured and the URL given out to someone else in less steps then any other program in existence

The entire process of taking a crop shot: (no steps left out)
pressing your hot key (control + shift + l for instance)
click left mouse button once and drag down and right, release
instanteously paste into an aim window (control + v for instance) and press enter